Mitchell Anniversary on Maui December 2007

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rooms at Sugar Beach

We are staying at Sugar Beach in ocean front room 631 from Dec 25th-January 4th. Dave,Tiff, Shelby and Pete are also staying there as well. Links for Sugar Beach are located on the right.
Our neighbors Steve and Tricia are going to be staying in Kihei as well during this time and we will hopefully hang out with them for a few days too.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Party Details

The Mitchells will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary with a ceremony at Secret Cove near Makena.

Who is invited?:
We are hoping our immediate family and close friends can attend. Last time we enjoyed having our grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, long lost relatives, close friends, and long lost friends attend our wedding. We think everyone young and old will have a fabulous time either participating in the numerous recreation activites or just lounging around the pool or beach.

December 26, 2007-January 2nd 2008
(Rachelle and Trent will arrive on Maui on December 25th)

Sugar Beach Resort Kihei, Maui

Action Needed:
  • Please RSVP to if you are interested in attending.
  • You can reserve frequent flier airline tickets January 20 (Check your individual frequent flier plan for specific deadlines. Alaska Airlines says "The outbound flight date must be within 331 days of the current date.")
  • We will not be reserving rooms until May orJune most likely. We hope that all of the interested parties can decide make a final RSVP at that time.

Our Itinerary so far

Yesterday Rachelle and I booked our flight to Maui. We are leaving at 3:30 PM Dec 25th and arriving in Kahului at 7:23 PM. We are staying until January 4th, catching an 8:45 flight back to Seattle that arrives the morning of January 5th.

We are booking our room today and I think we are still going to stay at Sugar Beach. Although Sugar Beach is more expensive, it does have literally miles of sand to walk on and the beach is perfect for body surfing, skimming, and boogie boarding when the surf is up. Paradise Vacations (link on right) still has three rooms available for $200 a night, which is about $25 cheaper than other sites.

On a side note, we are excited to report the Dave, Tiff, Makenna, and Max will be on Maui from Dec 26th-January 4th.

Our Northwest Airline Itinerary:


Seattle/Tacoma Intl to Maui Kahului

Tuesday, December 25

Flight: 805
Depart: Seattle/Tacoma Intl, December 25, 3:30 PM
Arrive: Maui Kahului, December 25, 7:23 PM
Class: Economy
Seats: Seats will be available within 90 days of departure.

Maui Kahului to Kona/Big Island Keahole

Friday, January 4

Flight: 804
Depart: Maui Kahului, January 4, 8:45 PM
Arrive: Kona/Big Island Keahole, January 4, 9:33 PM
Class: Economy
Seats: Seats will be available within 90 days of departure.

Kona/Big Island Keahole to Seattle/Tacoma Intl

Friday, January 4

Flight: 804
Depart: Kona/Big Island Keahole, January 4, 10:25 PM
Arrive: Seattle/Tacoma Intl, January 5, 5:58 AM
Class: Economy
Seats: Seats will be available within 90 days of departure.

Times shown are local times at the departure/arrival cities.

Your Trip Cost Summary

Total Cost: $1,426.40

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Turtle Town on Maui. One of my favorite experiences of my life took place here last summer.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fares Posted Online For Dec 26th-January 2nd

Northwest Airlines (Details)
Dec 26
3:30 pm Depart Seattle (SEA)
Arrive Kahului (OGG) 7:23 pm
Northwest Airlines
Jan 02
8:45 pm Depart Kahului (OGG)
Arrive Seattle (SEA) 5:58 am

per person
at northwest

This is a great price. Anything below $600 is a good deal.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Questions about the trip

Why Maui?
I started visiting Maui at the age of four and I consider it my home away from home. Rachelle and I were married at Secret Cove near Makena.
Porque Sugar Beach Resort?
Sugar Beach is centrally located. You are 25 minutes from Lahaina and 20 minutes from Big Beach. The resort also sits on a three mile stretch of priceless golden sand. On our last trip I snorkeled in front of the beach and swam with a few turtles. Sugar Beach is a bit windy, but that's about the only downside. It has a pool, hot tub, bar, restaraunt, tennis courts, convenience store, and a great barbeque pit with 6 grills. The BBQ is the hub and social pipeline.
Can we bring the whole family?
Yes! Please do! Tell your mom, sister, cousin, or whomever. And don't forget your kids! They'll love it.
Will there be daily events or plans?
That depends on what you are looking for. If you have never been to Maui I highly recommend doing the snorkeling trips, sunrise at Haleakala, shopping in Lahaina, and taking your time on the road to Hana etc. If you are into a simultaneously relaxing and active vacation like myself then plan on taking it one day at a time.
A typical day for me on our last trip: wake up early, jog the beach, do some snorkeling with large turtles at Turtle Town, arrive at the (name of) beach no later than noon, play and lay, hit the pool by 3:00 and have beer in hand at the BBQ no later than six. Repeat as needed.
What do we need to bring?
This also depends on your vacation plans. If you surf, skim, or boogie, then bring your boards. Otherwise bring whatever makes you happy. Maui is pretty casual in general. So we have that going for us. Which is nice.
How expensive will the vacation be?
Well, first of all, use frequent flier miles if you can. Otherwise you should be able to get a round trip ticket for somewhere between $450 and $700 depending on the airline. My non-stop ticket this summer cost on Hawaiian cost me $470.

The rooms at Sugar Beach are about $180 a night during Peak Season. However, the room sleeps four easily with the fold-out couch. If you share a room with someone it can be very affordable. There are also two bedroom rooms which can sleep 6-8 easily and are perfect for small gatherings in the evening. All rooms have some view of the ocean.

At Kihei Rent-A-Car you can save about $100 a week on car rental if you don't mind a 2000 Nissan.

Hopefully a few of you will find air/hotel/car specials through a travel agent. We will also investigate and let you know what we find. The really important thing is to reserve rooms as early as possible before they sell out. Also, if you see any airfares for $500 or below I would jump all over it ASAP.

There are a plethera of travel links posted on the upper-right hand side of the blog site.

Amy Loves a good Maui

My Maui Memories

I have many fond memories of my first, and so far only, trip to Maui. The first one that comes to mind is the sound of the wedding song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" played during the ceremony. How beautiful! Pairing the music with sentimental speeches made the wedding so intimate. Little Beach was so fun! Boogie boarding in the warm ocean was invigorating. I remember the "Santa Claus" guy climbing up a small hill, wearing only a Santa hat and shoes. Sexy. Who can forget the miniature golfing and water bumper cars in the rain? I didn't think we would be in such a water fight. The road to Hana was unforgettable. We did a lot of switching around during the drive since some of us (I won't mention any names) scared others with their driving skills. I wonder if the rental cars are drivable now...Snorkeling at Turtle Island was amazing. Rachelle had a turtle swim up to her and actually touch her. I can't wait to go to Maui next year. I'm sure to enjoy all the activities, sun, water, and new memories!

Editors note: I don't know what driving skills she is referring to.

Seven Pools and the Road to Hana etc.

My favorite day excursion on Maui is the trip to the Seven Pools. It's a gorgeous drive right along the north-east coast beneath Haleakala. However, I would not do the trip every year if I didn't get to swim at the beautiful black sand beach or at the Seven Pools.
To me the highlight of the trip is cliff jumping and, if the water is flowing hard enough, riding the natural water slide into the bottom pool. The Seven Pools is a great place to have lunch and on the way back you can stop at the winery for some pineapple wine. Also, if you like to drive fast on one lane roads the Road to Hana is perfect for you.

(Double click on the pictures to see a larger view)

I would recommend turning the volume up on the video below. Grant, Marty, and Pete do a nice "Mystery Science Theater" commentary on all of the jumpers and it's hard to hear unless the volume is high.

Seven Sacred Pools near Hana

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bumper Boats and the Benny Hill Theme

Wedding Vid 2002 with music by The Shins

Some 2002 Pics

(Double Click Pics To See a Larger View)

Skim and Boogie 88

The video below shows highlights from a skimboarding contest I watched at Big Beach when I was 14. I am still amazed at what those guys could do with the flips etc.
Props to the early Beastie Boys punk cut whose lyrics were later included on Paul's Boutique's "Egg Man".
The shots of yours truly boogie boarding are from Little Beach and Ma'alea Harbor. I think there is one shot from Sugar Beach as well which can be a nice boogie boarding spot when there are big swells.

Skim and Boogie 88

Shelby Testimonial...Another Satisfied Visitor!

Maui is truly my home away from home. There are so many exciting adventures I have enjoyed over the years and yet I always feel completely like I’m on vacation.

One of my favorite things to do in Maui is driving the Road to Hana (photo). It is 52 miles of luscious green plants and pristine waterfalls. Some of my favorite spots along the way are the Garden of Eden (photo), Waikamoi Forest, Keanae Arboretum (photo), Nahiku Landing, and the Keanae Peninsula. We often stop at mile marker 15 to hike back a 1/2 mile to jump on the waterfall! Typically, we continue past the actual town of Hana, drive by Hamoa Beach (photo) and visit the Seven Sacred Pools (photos). The kid in me LOVES the pools because not only can you jump off of them, the last one is a natural waterslide. Over the years, the water has eroded into the rock to form a slide a la Swiss Family Robinsoneque

Lahaina is great for nightlife and is an awesome place to do jewelry and art shopping. Front Street is full of little shops and stands. The beaches of Kaanapali (photo) are absolutely gorgeous, with great views of both Lanai and Molokai (neighboring islands to Maui). The Dragon's Teeth and the blow hole (photo) are also impressive, and the views on North West Maui are so fascinating; there is such a contrast (photo) from what you see on the Road to Hana.

Snorkeling, SCUBA diving and boogie boarding are my top “sporting” picks. Our favorite snorkel spot is La Perouse Bay (photo), down beyond Wailea and Kihei. We have done most of our SCUBA diving in Lahaina and Molkini (Molikini view from Big Beach photo). Molikini is a crescent moon shaped island that is a National Wildlife Sanctuary thus providing a protected environment for the fishies! And of course, you can pretty much boogie board anywhere there’s a beach!

Anyhow, Maui, Maui, Maui . . I Love Maui. . . Maui in my belly.

So much to do in the Water

One of my favorite things about Maui, or Hawaii in general really, is the never ending amount water activities. There is always something fun to do in the water whether you are a novice swimmer who just wants to play in the waves or if you are an expert SCUBA diver who has enjoys lunch with turtles.

Boogie Boarding, Skimboarding, Surfing, Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Body surfing, and snorkeling etc. are just a few of the exciting activities you can enjoy on the island.

Water has been made possible with a grant from the Salt corporation and is sponsored by the number 12 and the letter R.

Water Fun Video...Great New Music From Sonic Youth

Grant and Marty Maui Testimonial!

"It was my first time to Maui and it could not have been a better experience.

It all started with my first-class ticket from San Francisco which I have
since forgotten how I was able to secure. From there I was picked up in a
convertible by Trent and Marty and whisked off to a wonderful dinner with
the crew. I can still remember how warm the air felt. And how cold the beer

Other highlights for me were the driving trip on the road to Hana, the
fabulous beaches (especially the gorgeous spot of the wedding ceremony), and
the many cocktails that were consumed along the way.

Thanks again for making me a part of it and I can't wait for the reunion!"

"I will always remember the guy with the white shoes and socks, and nothing
else, at Little Beach, slipping and sliding on his white shoes and socks
while he scrambled up the hill and into the bushes to take a leak....(tear,
sniff) it will forever be seared into my memory.

I also enjoyed hanging out with great friends while we partied our asses off
in one of the most beautiful environments known to the United States of

There was warm beautiful weather, beaches, and a beautiful wedding party.
Could you ask for more?"

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is a great hike just off the road to Hana. There are two main pools to swim in. One pool has a rope swing and quite a few low level spots to cliff jump.
The upper pool (pictured left) lies beneath a 30 foot waterfall. Jeremy, Jim, and I jumped off it a few times in 1996, but when we went this summer the water was only about seven or eight feet deep so I decided not to risk it.

The hike itself is gorgeous and there is a nice fruit/smoothie stand at the entrance to the trail. Janean and Rachelle love a good smoothie. I like Coconut meat. Yum.

Twin Falls

Nakalele Blowhole

This is a great spot to visit on the northwest side of Maui. For those of you familiar with the island the blowhole is about a 20 minute drive past Fleming Beach. There is a wonderfully calm snorkeling spot ten minutes before the blowhole.
Click on the title above for more info.

Nakalele Blowhole

Monday, August 07, 2006


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